OxiWear participates with leAD Toyoshima Bootcamp

October 7, 2021
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OxiWear participated in the first-ever bootcamp for Asian sports and health tech startups in partnership with leAD Sports and Toyoshima. The focus of the webinar was to introduce the organization’s upcoming program to be held in Japan in March 2022 targeting connected athletes, fan engagement, and health and wellness. During the one-hour webinar, participating companies provided an overview of their products and innovative ideas and answered questions about how their vision complements the sportstech and healthtech industry.

Participants of the event included:

  • Nathalie Sonne, Program and Marketing Director at leAD Sports (Host)
  • Alex Bente, Principal at ADvantage Sports Tech Fund
  • Hiroyuki Amano, Operating Officer at Toyoshima
  • Chihiro Izumi, Manager, Marketing & Sales Department at Toyoshima
  • Ichiro Amimori, CEO at Xenoma
  • Justin Hafner, Co-Founder & CEO at KinoTek
  • Hiroshi Hashiguchi, CEO at Euphoria
  • Aaron Naisar, Chief of Staff at leAD
  • Shavini Fernando, Founder & CEO at OxiWear
  • Ayumu Mitera, CEO at Mitsufuji

A panel discussion with the CEO’s of KinoTek and OxiWear was facilitated by Alexander Bente, Principal, ADvantage Sports Tech Fund.