for Continuous SPO2 Monitoring

U.S. Pat. 10,987,067 | D916291 **Japan Pat. 1664107 | 1664069


oxygen monitoring wearable for style & safety

Sleek Small Modern Wearable

At OxiWear, we believe that living with hypoxia should not mean putting your life on hold. We are committed to reducing patient vulnerability to hypoxic injury through wearable, continuous oxygen monitoring, increasing safety and peace of mind for those prone to silent hypoxia, helping to reduce healthcare costs, and saving lives.
OxiWear is an ear-wearable, vital monitoring, and emergency alert accessory. Sleek, small, and modern, this device will allow you to obtain the medical assistance you need in an emergency.  

Founder's Story

Why we developed OxiWear

Advisory Board

Ted Leonsis

Founder and CEO, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Rose Carter

President, Paul and Rose Carter Foundation

Greg Erman

President & CEO, EmpiraMed

Jeff Reid

founding director, Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative

Michael Ledecky

Sports Tech Advisor

Asa Tapley, MD

Internal Med & Infectious Disease MD MSc.
Univ. of Washington

Peter Mellen

Peter Mellen

Founder, Netcito


We are thankful to everyone who has supported OxiWear from its inception. We appreciate your unwavering dedication and continuous encouragement throughout our journey.

Don Undeen
Manager Maker Hub Georgetown University

Evan Barba

Associate Professor Georgetown University

Jeanine W Turner


Pascal Girard

co-founder FedCentric Technologies & Maximum Entropy

Amanda Morris

Senior Qualitative Research Associate

Anacorina Velasco

Georgetown University

Shubham Issar

Co-Founder - SoaPen
Amanat Anand
Co-Founder - SoaPen

Todd Kolb

MD Pulmonary & Critical care| Assistant Professor of Medicine JHU

Roma Abhyankar

Georgetown University

Brennan Hatton

CO-Founder Equal Reality

Jacki Abbey

Founder- NorthPoint Strategy

Beth Marhanka

Head, Gelardin New Media Center Georgetown University

Arjuna Balasuriya

Research Scientist, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Lesley Mcanelly
Cooley LLP

Ai-Hui Tan

Admissions Director - CCT Program Georgetown University

Wenxi Zhang

Georgetown University

Jessica Kiser

PAH Patient

Rich Hozjan

PAH Patient

Karen Smaalders

Vice President, Communications and Marketing, PH Association

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Hypoxia is the deprivation of oxygen to the brain, and is one of the deadliest injuries. Even people who survive hypoxia may experience lifelong aftereffects

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