OxiWear launches new website for pre-sale orders at oxiwear.fitness

October 1, 2022
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OxiWear launched its new consumer website accepting pre-sale orders of the first wireless, ear-wearable continuous oxygen tracking and low oxygen alerting device at https://www.oxiwear.fitness/. The theme of the site is Freedom. Freedom to dream, scream, dribble, struggle, try, and fly. Freedom to challenge yourself while exercising and enjoying your daily activities.OxiWear introduced the device prototype to the general public at the summer trade show, Outdoor Retailer, held at the Colorado Convention Center in June. Device delivery was originally expected in October but was pushed to the end of January 2023 due to delays in manufacturing from global suppliers.


The website provides an overview of available and future products, including a bundle package with the device, a charging case, and charging cord. Device delivery is expected at the end of January 2023. Colorized faceplates will be available in February 2023, providing the option to change colors to match your mood or your outfit. Also available at a later date will be the ability to order individual charging cases (separate from the bundle pack).


The ear-wearable device will be connected to a mobile application that will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play store providing real-time data reporting. Specific metrics that will be tracked include saturated oxygen levels along with heart rate. External environmental factors such as humidity, barometric pressure, air quality and altitude will also be available based on the geolocation of the user.

Studies and Articles

The Oxiwear.fitness website also highlights research articles and clinical studies relating to current products on the market used for oxygen saturation monitoring under its “Why OxiWear” tab: https://www.oxiwear.fitness/why-oxiwear/. This offers background into how currently available products provide oxygen saturation data for their users. We plan to include OxiWear specific data in the coming months.

“We are excited to finally share our product with the public. Our investors and supporters have been with us throughout our startup journey. As of June 2022, we have completed four clinical testing sessions at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Hypoxia Lab with a diverse patient population to ensure accuracy with different skin tones compared to blood gas results. The final evaluations will be completed in August with our production run set for a January 2023 delivery timeframe.”