leAD Sports & Health Tech Accelerator – Demo Day

December 10, 2021
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As we have shared in a few previous blog posts, OxiWear was chosen as one of five companies (out of 495 applicants) to participate in the leAD Sports & Health Tech Accelerator hosted in Lake Nona, Florida. This program is located in the Orlando area and was sponsored by leAD Sports and the Tavistock Group.

Our team spent one month in a virtual learning environment and then lived and worked in Florida alongside four other companies in the cohort from September through December. In addition to weekly goal-setting meetings, mentorship meetings, and introductions to local community members, we also networked with partners and health care organizations that we will work with in the coming months.

The milestone events for the leAD Sports & Health Tech Accelerator were VC Day and Demo Day. VC Day was held on October 25 and was an opportunity to be introduced to local venture capital funding teams and to hone our pitch. 

Demo Day was the last event hosted by the leAD accelerator and was held on December 9. This was the day we were tasked with showcasing
a working prototype and to share our pitch to more than 400 participants.

(OxiWear begins at the 1 hour and 30-minute mark with introductions by Jay Groves, Executive Director of the Lake Nona Performance Center, Kristen Allen, Future Communities Capital, and Ted Leonsis, Founder, Chairman, Principal Partner and CEO, Monumental Sports & Entertainment).

We would like to thank the leAD Sports & Health Tech team along with our new friends and founders at the cohort. The experience enabled us to work together as a team and to accomplish milestones for the company, including closing our pre-seed funding round (above our goal) and completing our prototype for demo day. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come in the near future. 

Shavini on stage presenting at Demo Day. The event was hosted at Boxi Park in Lake Nona.
Meeting with community members, investors, and partners at Demo Day.
Five members of our team participated at Demo Day .
L to R: Daria Fish, Ya Zhang, Shavini Fernando, Mike Boncaldo, George Beckstein.
Shavini meeting with one of our investors, Kristen Allen, from Future Communities Capital.
The team setting up a demo for an event participant.
Participants were able to try on the new device and view their live, continuous oxygen data on our demo application.

We are thankful for our artist extraordinaire – Mayumi – for creating the OxiWear doodle graphic design. We will be utilizing this design in our marketing efforts as well as in our future office space. The blue lungs on the left represents unhealthy and sick lungs while the lungs on the right are healthy (and wearing OxiWear, of course).