OxiWear chosen as kicker prize winner in JHF Healthcare Safety Challenge

April 28, 2021
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OxiWear was selected as a kicker prize winner in the Healthcare Safety Challenge pitch competition, a collaboration between Innovation Works (IW) and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), organized in conjunction with the AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup. The final pitch competition was held on April 27, 2021. The annual competition focuses on finding solutions to healthcare problems that can lead to potential medical errors, contributing to more than 250,000 deaths annually. Bringing innovation to the forefront helps to improve medical outcomes and to save lives.“We are thrilled to be included in another competition that highlights life-saving innovations for patients living with chronic diseases,” stated Shavini Fernando, founder and CEO, OxiWear. “

As a safety kicker prize winner and a semi-finalist in the hardware category, we have shown the benefits of continuous oxygen monitoring for those prone to silent hypoxia. Like IW and JHF, our goal is to help save lives and to improve patient’s health outcomes.”In this competition, companies competed to apply the technology created in other industries to address the patient safety field. Each “kicker prize” winner was awarded $5,000!

Innovation Works is the most active seed-stage investor in Southwestern Pennsylvania and the eighth most active in the country. Learn more about IW at www.innovationworks.org. The Jewish Healthcare Foundation is an activist and grantmaking foundation that offers a unique brand of activist philanthropy to advance healthcare innovation, advocacy, collaboration, and education in the interest of better population health. Learn more about JHF at www.jhf.org

About OxiWear

OxiWear is committed to reducing patient vulnerability to hypoxic injury through wearable, continuous oxygen monitoring. Our goal is to increase safety and peace of mind for those prone to silent hypoxia, to reduce healthcare costs, and to save lives. OxiWear was developed in 2019 by Shavini Fernando, a VR/video game and web designer who suffers from pulmonary hypertension due to Eisenmenger’s Syndrome. OxiWear has been approved for consumer utility for exercise and high-altitude training. OxiWear is currently completing pre-clinical testing for its FDA pre-submission meeting. For more information, visit: https://www.oxiwear.com/.